Far-left politics: a general guide

The political mainstream is generally classed right-winged (center-right) or left-winged (center-left). These wings describe varying political positions, while the center-left includes social liberals, social democrats; the right-winged system opposes socialism and social democracy. Basically, the right-wing system includes the conservatives, nationalists, Christian democrats and classical liberals.

These political positions are considered centralized or normal. Far-left politics could be likened as an abnormal branch that grows out from the left-wing system. It is still a left-wing system but too radical and bigot. Far-left movement is not considered as a standard politics and therefore is not acceptable in standard political positions, however, radicals, freedom fighters, especially terrorists pioneer this movement.

The far-left system has been broadly categorized. These include the ultra-leftism which stresses on its extremity and communism; and the far-left terrorism. Most far-left terrorist groups sprang up after 1960; good examples of such groups include Red Army Factions and Red Brigades. The aim of these terrorist groups is to undermine and replace capitalist societies with socialist. It should be recalled that left-wing system is anti-capitalism but stresses socialism. Far-leftists only go extra miles and could employ violence to achieve their goal.

The Karl Marx communist theory laid the supporting framework upon which the leftist rest their claims. This rests upon the framework that the bourgeois takes advantage of the poor and societal decisions are made in such a way as to favor them. The proletarian serves the bourgeois are remain enslaved to them. However, the doctrine stresses that the poor can grow restless and rebel to break out from such a stronghold. Marx maintained that the rich will always take advantage of the poor in a capitalist system but the system can only be normalized in a socialist or communist setting.

Although Marx did not suggest to extreme far-leftists to take up their arms and enforce socialism, his theory set in course the left-winged and far-leftwinged movement as it appears today. Several authors have argued on which political position is the best, however, it appears that both the left and right winged movements are deemed appropriate by all acceptable standard, albeit the radical of these political positions always results in terrorism.

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