Donald Trump the most left-wing American President

It could oftentimes be surprising that left-wing leaders alongside with several mainstream media have reacted negatively towards President Donald Trump. Several media carried demeaning titles about the President even before he was sworn in. No doubts, President Trump has made several policy mistakes. His stance on climate change, education policy and destroying the imperfect healthcare system was wrong but Trump is not entirely wrong in his policy decisions.

Trump could be best likened to President William Jennings Bryan in political style. Both are left-winged politicians and have similar drives and passion. Trump’s inauguration speech was indeed clearly left-wing motivated. Before criticizing him next time it would be nice to consider some of the successes he is already making. Interestingly, Trump is on track to successfully deliver three public policies that will transform America in an unprecedented ways.

Firstly, Trump is set to tear down the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. The TPP is an international agreement that gives rise to two kinds of citizens namely: the first citizen is corporations who are above the law and the second is individuals prevented from basic defenses of the American air, water and right to work through bureaucratic regulations. TPP was defended by the right-winged politician, Obama, however several left-winged politicians such as Bernie Sanders have fought hard against it but Trump is determined to end it.

Secondly, Trump takes a left-winged stance in foreign wars. He agrees that the six years of Iraq War was a great disaster and while it may not be true that he has always been against the war, he is already putting out anti-imperial line to prevent American soldiers from dying merely to defend the U.S. interest in the foreign soil.

Thirdly, Trump is revamping the U.S. policy towards China. The U.S. has stood at great disadvantage in this regard over the last couple of years. U.S. citizens were deprived of certain privileges and some part of America de-industrialized to benefit China and a selected few American elite. American policy towards China has also resulted largely to unemployment in America and surprisingly up until President Trump no U.S. president has stood up against the disaster.

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