Democrats make stupid decisions too

Robert Schlesinger has wrongly blamed the Republicans for having a few bad policy ideas, the democrats have even more. Both the White House and the Congress were run by the Democrats over the years and several irresponsible policies were made that left negative marks on the country. The list could go on but there are four obvious examples of these policies.

Annulment of Bush’s Tax Cuts

Increase in the tax on individuals with annual income above $250,000 was one of the policy decisions made by the Democrats during the Obama Administration. However, the administration failed to realise that half of the people who fall under this category were small business owners that employ millions of Americans. This obviously was not the right decision to make at a point America faced serious unemployment problem as it imply putting more economic burden on the masses who are already economically disadvantaged.

Financial Spending

At the onset of the Obama democrat Administration, the federal deficit exploded. The economic measures leveraged and the intensive financial rescue package was responsible for much of this deficit and these resulted in a total combined bill of about $1.5 trillion. Of course, this does not even include the already approved healthcare reform package. It will interest you to note that this came at the point when the United States already had a record debt of $13 trillion.

The Cap and Trade Fantasy

The Democratic party was torn apart on the introduction of the cap and trade policy by Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. Rather than making America independent of foreign oil, the democrats prefer to stick to creating a carbon-based trading system. The downside of this policy is that unemployment will continue to be high and the same applies to energy taxes.

Politics in the Immigration policy

Not only has the federal government failed to control our borders, the White Hours has also played politics all along that truncated our immigration system. There has been a growing tension between the Justice Department Arizona because Arizona government was bent on enforcing the law while the Justice Department reacted by filing a lawsuit against the state.

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