Centre-left politics a general guide

Karl Marx was rightly called the Father of communism, his class theory that dealt with the bourgeois and the proletarian outrightly blamed capitalism for the economic skewness apparent in the society. Marx theory birthed the concept of the leftish movement or left-winged politics. However, fanaticism and radicalism gave rise to far-leftism.

Centre-left politics is a term used to refer to leftish movements that is close to the political standard. Of course, this movement was engendered by Marx theory and therefore prefers socialism and communism to capitalism. Put in a simpler term, this left-winged movement stands against the unequal distribution of wealth in a society which capitalism so grossly endorse.

Of course, the extreme or far-left politics have similar objective with the center left movement, however, their approaches to achieve the goals are different. While the centre-leftists would work with the established system to ensure that the social justice of the citizens is improved, far-leftists will leverage radical means to achieve the same result. The leftists social equity and this social equity can only be achieved if each member of the society is given an equal opportunity. Thus, the goal of the centre-leftists is to leverage all acceptable standards to ensure that this equal opportunity is granted to each member of the society.

Since it stands as a direct opposite of the capitalist and right-winged movement, the center-left politics do not encourage the wide gap that exists between the rich and the poor. However, unlike the far-left that demands that this gap be completely closed, the centre-left understands that the economic gap can at best be minimized and never be completely demolished.

The centre-leftist activists support several measures as an avenue to promote lower economic gap. These include progressive income tax, minimum wage laws, regulating the working conditions and so forth. The centre-left movements’ adherers can be found in most human right movements and fight to the best of their abilities to achieve these targeted goals. These may include social liberals, democratic socialists and so forth. On comparing the leftist and the rightist movements, it should be understood that both are political positions and have their individual benefits and demerits. However, when properly managed, the centre-left politics can greatly benefit the poor.

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