The 5 best left-wings Politicians

Scores of left-wing politicians can be identified in the UK but the Daily Telegraph list of leftists show some of the top leftists. 5 of the best left-wing politicians from the list are discussed below:

  1. Ed Miliband

The leader of the Labor Party, Ed Miliband, surely had a wonderful year in 2012. However, 2013 presented a really different year for Miliband. Worst of it all, he has been unable to come up with any meaningful new project and his poll lead has dramatically reduced. The leadership is also increasingly talking down on Miliband and also, he has been given the nickname Kinnock Mark 2 by members of the British Conservative Party.

  1. Ed Balls

Even though Balls appear to give off scintillating light of humanity, he would not be seen as one if he fails to come up with a workable economic measure. The economy has grossly underperformed under him. Ed Balls had the next twelve months to prove himself. It is either he devises a working economic plan or he will suffer similar fate as Norwich City.

  1. Len McCluskey

The union Unite owned by McCluskey has proved that it remained a dominant funder of the labor party by donating £5m to the party. Moreover, Unite largely controls the party, as demonstrated in the recent candidate selection opprobrium. McCluskey continues to support the party, however, it disapproves the insults on the union movement by Labor party leaders.

  1. Harriet Harman

Harman is the deputy leader of the Opposition and also the Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sports. Harman is an accomplished Commons performer and she vehemently defends feminism. She was offended when Tom Watson was preferred over her but she can get back on track now he’s off. Harman is a survivor in British politics and she eventually has a great role to play if the election is won by the Labor party.

  1. Yvette Cooper

Cooper is the next person in line if Ed Miliband is off the scene but she lacks the sense of humor. Of course, she is intelligent and indeed a complete politician but she needs to come out of her husband’s confine. Irrespective of her high profile and several media brief, she has not leverage any of her opportunities.

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