Politics: difference between left-wings and right-wings

Left-wing and right-wing politics are often compared. They hold a few related political doctrines but have major differences. Comparing and contrasting left-wing and right-wing movement is similar to doing the same with socialism and capitalism. While left-wing politics favor the socialist view of the state, the right-wing politics favor the capitalist view. However, it cannot be said that any of these views is better than the other but they have their respective advantages and are widely practiced.

Socialism holds the doctrine of equal sharing of wealth. In a socialist society, industries are owned by the government and not by individual. Left-wing politics stresses socialism because it would rather prefer a system in which there is no income gap between the masses. In other words, left-wing preaches a state in which there is no upper class, middle class and lower class; everybody should be equal. Of course, if industries are owned by the state, it is assumed that wealth will be evenly distributed. Leftists believe in the use of several instruments such as labor force and so forth to enforce the equal distribution of wealth doctrine they uphold.

Right-wing politics, on the other hand, stresses capitalism as opposed to socialism. In this system, the government runs the state while individuals are allowed to control the economy as much as their individual efforts can take them. This political view encourages individual efforts in order to promote growth in the economy. Of course, countries such as the United States of America that practice capitalism can be termed to adopt the right-winged political stance.

It would be wrong to clearly assert that one political system is better than the other. Both political systems have their pros and cons; Although the leftist and rightist respectively adhere to socialism and capitalism, there is no perfectly socialist or capitalist state in existence. Moreover, in some cases, there could be extremity in the practice of these political stances. This is often the case with the leftist movement where the masses often believe that they have been unjustly cheated by the state. Such ideology is widely held by the far-leftists.

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